Could A Pretty garden means a good looking you?

Could A Pretty garden means a good looking you?

Could A Pretty garden means a good looking you?


Anyone who has a garden dreams me that the green space, the flowers and all the other plants and trees look so beautiful and well cared for that you can proudly say to your visit “This is my beautiful garden!” But it is as easy to make my beautiful garden as some think or is my beautiful garden as difficult as others say?



My beautiful garden – of course, this is a very broad term, because each of us probably has a completely different idea of how his beautiful garden is really beautiful. But no matter what your idea is: Make your garden the way you like it because then you will feel completely comfortable and that is the main thing!


Garden design: My beautiful garden

My beautiful garden – to be able to say that about his garden, it requires some effort and a pretty garden design, because a beautiful garden is not created by itself. The lawn must be cared for and mown, the plants must be set, fertilized and cut back, the paths must be cleaned and cleared of weeds and the garden well needs now and then a thorough cleaning outside.


Phew, sounds like a lot of work, but we can tell you: it’s worth it for sure. In the spring you have the work and in the summer you can really relax in your own beautiful garden and enjoy the beauty of nature. And if there is a visitor, and there is nothing to be amused, then you have enough praise and motivation to pick up the shovel, scissors and fertilizer again next year.


Garden ideas for my beautiful garden: A garden looking amazing and really wonder if it is planned and designed down to the smallest detail. Of course, the garden is still part of nature and it grows with the most accurate planning the way your beak has grown. Nevertheless, here are some things plan well, such as flower pots, planters, garden figures and sculptures and any garden furniture. Here you can decide on your own which material, which shapes and which colours should shine here.


My beautiful garden, with wonderfully comfortable plus gorgeous-looking types of furniture such as lounge chair, plus great accessories like outdoor carpet and decorative items such as lanterns – great! If this sight is then completed by stunning flowers and plants, then “My beautiful garden” is ready!


My beautiful garden: plant science

In order to design your beautiful garden, you should already know a lot about flowers and plants, so that you do not make any gross mistakes when sowing or cutting – here are some great information about the flora:


  • Roses:Roses are probably the most widely used and most popular flowers here, and to make sure these beautiful flowers remain so beautiful, you should make an effort. Root-bare roses can be planted in February – the condition is that the soil is already frost-free and that the soil is more beautiful loose.


  • Tulips: Tulips belong to the lily family and are very popular plants in our gardens. These flowers are important for a sunny location to bloom wonderfully. Preferably you plant tulips in a loose soil, in which the water can flow well because the onions start to easily rot in waterlogging.


  • Peonies:Thanks to their wonderfully fresh nature, peonies ring in spring and delight us every day with their freshness and delicate fragrance. Wind-protected corners are ideal for these flowers, and they prefer that they are not lit directly by the sunlight, but rather filtered through the branches and leaves of another plant.


With the right flowers and plants, your garden can quickly become your “My beautiful garden”. Dare to dare something new and replant your dream garden with a flower that you never had, because you are afraid of taking care of it. But you will see: It’s worth it because in the end you can say, “This is my beautiful garden!”


Where do you get nice inspirations from?

To plan, build or have a beautiful garden requires ideas, tips and tricks – but where do you get all these inspirations from? Sure, you can search online for helpful things, there are certain groups in Facebook, which deal with this topic around a beautiful garden, but it is also offline!


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